Sunday, April 30, 2017

Badges of  Sisters in KK.

Week #41 - Beautiful and Unified: April 18, 2017 – April 24, 2017 (KK East Malaysia)

This week has been the healthiest week of my life! I now live in a 4 sister home, and it is crazy! At least we are unified! We have started a 12 week workout program together, we eat healthy salad and roti susu together, we sing David Archuleta together, we do crazy home remedies (like onions on the feet to detoxify sugar) together, we do makeovers and facials together, and best of all, we are willing to try new things, together.

Anyway, this week has been great! We have been able to meet some awesome and interesting people. One day, we got a random phone call from a guy that the previous sisters had contacted. On the phone, he kept saying his name and we tried to understand, Edison? Elison? Jenison? On the last one, he gave up and said that's his name. Later, we met, and the whole time I called him Jenison. Turns out I was saying it wrong. It was Innocent. However, he is not very innocent. I will not go any further in his story.
KK Sisters: Vranes, Egan, Kunie, and Clark
As for a spiritual thought, one thing that stood out to me this week has been family history work. Oftentimes, we don't think to do this in our free time. We would rather sleep, watch a movie, or go to social media. However, there are many people who are very involved in family history work. When you start, you begin to realize there is something special here. We love our families, especially our immediate families. When we start to research out our ancestors, we discover new things about ourselves. We discover a rich heritage, a heritage focused on creating a better future for their families. I often like to think of it like this, no one wants to be forgotten. When we find our
Sister Clark and her healthy dish.
ancestors, they rejoice. They were once lost, but are now found. Now that they are found, they rejoice because they know the joys of the Gospel, and are yearning to enjoy them for themselves. That's why the temple is so important. When we learn of their sacrifices, we think, there is nothing we can do to repay them back. However, that is not true. With the blessings of the Gospel, and temples, we are able to do a work for them that is invaluable. We are able to give blessings that extend beyond the veil of death. That is a beautiful blessing that the Gospel brings with the opportunities we have in this day and age. Family history and going to the temple are the greatest tools and blessings we have today. Because of them, we are able to bless our families; because of them, we are able to bless God's family; and because of them we are able to have eternal families. This is the work that God has for us. Do it.

Sister Kunie eating a "healthy dish".

Sister Egan enjoying her "healthy dish".

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