Saturday, May 6, 2017

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Week #42 - The Work Goes Forward: April 24, 2017 – May 1, 2017 (Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia)

This week has been great. The work is going forward in KK.  I love the city and its people. A few things that have been great this week are teaching people. One day, we invited a very less active member to an investigator lesson. It was amazing to see this member trying so hard to help our investigator progress towards baptism. They taught and shared their testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout the lesson, you could see the wheels really turning in this less active member's mind, and the dots were connecting. In their testimonies, you could hear them converting themselves. Another miracle was when we were running late. Our two less active members we were going to meet in the same location, but at different times, ended up meeting each other. We then had a
Our chapel in KK.
lesson about the Word of Wisdom. It ended up being just what they needed, each taking a different turn on the Word of Wisdom. They learned together as well as taught each other. It was sweet.  Church is great and we are starting to make more connections with church members. Many of the members, especially the church auxiliary leaders, are excited about preparing a missionary workshop and missionary open house/fireside. We've been bonding over sports with the Branch members. As we've been teaching a lot of our less active branch members, we have been identifying a lot of their needs. It's been superb because you can just see the gears turning during the lessons as we prepare according to their needs. The dots are connecting and they are starting to keep their commitments with a deeper drive.

On Sunday, we ate with a member who likes to feed missionaries a lot. She is in our branch so she feeds us the most. She only feeds the missionaries that she likes :)  I was sharing this story because as we were talking, she told us how she notices the missionaries that say "Thank you". She also told us she disliked American missionaries because they don't do that. She pointed out the other missionaries that are from America and made them an example. However, she turned to me, and said, "I'm sorry to say, but you are not fully American. It must be your mom." I
KK jungles
thought that was an amazing compliment and I just wanted to pass it on. Thank you mom and dad for teaching me manners!

This next week we are flying to Singapore for Zone Conference. I am excited to learn about becoming a better missionary. Talk to you in another week!

Highways in KK.

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