Saturday, April 8, 2017

Washing cars with the youth
Week #38: March 28, 2017 – April 3, 2017
It's Conference Weekend! Sadly, I have to wait a week to listen to the prophets and apostles. This is to make sure they're all published online and are translated to Chinese. Anyway, this week for p-day we got massages. It was the nicest thing! Especially when we've been riding bikes for so long.

This week has been great! We've had lots of rain. It literally flooded here. No worries though. Just a quick midday shower for us. Luckily there was a day it did not rain, and we had a car wash with the youth. The Young Men's President gave a superb testimony one Sunday about service. On his mission (which was this mission a few years ago), he gave service to many people by washing their cars. Then he realized, he had not even washed his dad's own car. How much are we willing to serve and give gratitude to other people, but not to the ones closest to us? The members of the church kept joking when would he wash their cars. He, being a complete sweetheart, organized a youth activity to wash the church members' cars. Many of the youth were able to serve their parents by washing their cars. We were invited to help as well--3 hours, 6 cars later, the youth were not only washing the cars, but each other in the end. It was a blast!
Waiting for the rain to stop

This week in church, it was fast and testimony meeting. Many of the members we've been working with are families. We've been trying to get the parents, the mothers and fathers, to become the examples to their children of a family centered in Christ. Well one member came up and started a "Father-Son Challenge". The father came up and bore his testimony, and afterwards challenged his son to bear his own. This started something new, fun, and exciting, to the point another father came up. Many of the youth are girls, strong in the gospel. One thought came to mind afterwards, "The Daughter-Mother Challenge". This is my challenge to you to try one fast and testimony meeting.


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