Saturday, January 28, 2017

Week #28 - Just Sing: January 17, 2017 – January 23, 2017

Sisters Vranes and Shaffer
This week I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Shafer, from Springville, UT. I had previously gotten to know her for 3 weeks in the MTC, before she left for the mission field. It has been great to see a familiar face, and to get to know each other better. She's super sweet and kind! Her Chinese is AMAZING! She's been serving in East Malaysia this whole time, and finally came to Penang, home of her two previous companions. 

This week has been a great week with Sister Shafer! We have been working to organize ourselves and set a vision for this transfer. We've decided we are going to continue working with the members as well as focus more on the youth. Two missionaries returned to Penang from their mission in the Singapore Mission, serving in East Malaysia their whole missions. One of the highlights for me this week was seeing the missionaries from Penang Branch, Sister Soon and
Penang at night
Sister Lim, return home from their missions. Many people spoke so highly of them that I was beyond excited to finally meet them. It was a very tender moment to see them come home and be welcomed into the arm of their families!! I'll admit, I teared up a bit. That's one thing missions do, make one more prone to cry. It's absolutely awful because I cry a lot more now! One miracle that occurred this week was calling all of the less actives in the Branch on the phone with the recently returned home Sister Soon, and singing hymns while waiting for Sister Shafer to come to Penang. It was amazing to see how calling them, with different intentions to share music over the phone, had softened so many hearts. Many wanted to set up appointments to meet. That just showed me more of the power of music. Hymns truly change and soften hearts. They also can change thoughts and moods. Next time you are having a hard day or are in a bad mood, sing a hymn.
Food of Penang

Food of Penang

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