Saturday, January 14, 2017

Week #26 – Forgive and Forget: January 3, 2017 – January 8, 2017

Ipoh Zone at Batu Ferringhi Beach
This week has been superb! The missionaries gathered together and had a great Zone Meeting as the Ipoh Zone. Missionaries from Ipoh, Butterworth, and Sitiawan came to Penang. We went to go to Batu Ferringhi Beach and had a great time. We learned how to contact better, and brainstorm ways to work with the reasons we hear around Ipoh Zone for not wanting to hear the gospel. We officially ended Zone meeting with the sisters having a Tim-Tam slam in our apartment. Attached are pictures of how to do it.  Another great thing this week was that we had a baptism! That made us really excited for the start of the year and for Penang Branch. 

As for a miracle this week, we were able to drop two investigators. Now that seems like it wouldn't be a good thing, but it taught me the principles of
Step 1: Get Tim Tams and Hot Chocolate
forgiving and forgetting. The video I shared last week was "Look Not Behind". Up until now, we had two investigators who were very old, and not wanting to progress. As we spent time with them, there was an incident where one of the investigators hurt us badly by yelling at us. Over time, we visited her and she welcomed us back. However, we felt that we had to officially drop her as an investigator. For me, that was my first investigator who truly hurt my heart. We had taught her so much, and I had truly loved her. To see her turn on us so fast was heartbreaking. Over time, I had to learn how to let go of my hurt, and to forgive her. During one of the last times that we visited her, I felt an overwhelming
Step 2: Bite off opposite ends of the cookie
feeling of love and peace again. I felt compassion and understanding, as well as how precious a daughter she is to God. That was truly one of the miracles I experienced this week. I know that I could not feel that love and compassion without the help of the Savior. I know that through the Atonement, we can be truly healed. When people in life hurt us, it is easy to not forgive them, hold a grudge, and avoid them at all costs. However, that is not what Heavenly Father expects of us. He expects us to forgive anyone and everyone. At times, it seems difficult--almost impossible! However, I know the Atonement makes it possible to forgive AND forget. So if there is anything you are holding onto? I hope you decide today to use the Atonement and to let it heal you.
Step 3: Drink hot chocolate through the Tim Tam

Step 4: Eat the Tim Tam

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