Saturday, February 4, 2017

Week #29 – My First Chinese Chinese New Year: January 24, 2017 – January 30, 2017

Celebrating Chinese New Year
新年快恭喜发财! Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing you prosperity and good fortune! This week has been great! I finally got to spend a Chinese New Year in a very Chinese country! Haha for some reason, it reminded me of the 4th of July mixed with New Years with fireworks, cleaning, and LOTS and LOTS of food! We had a traditional steam boat, in which everything is steamed in a large pot in front of everyone. We also received Ang Pao (Hong Bao) [red envelopes]. Tradition is that only unmarried people can receive red packets from the married people. 

Mall Decorations for Chinese New Year
During the holiday time, we were able to spend more time with the members and to strengthen their faith. Sister Shafer and I are working together to improve our Chinese. One miracle to me was a lesson with a family that only speaks Chinese. I know the Spirit was there that day guiding both my language and the message shared to the family. It was amazing! 

Sisters Shaffer and Vranes
Another miracle this week, we have been able to see one of our recent converts grow their testimony. As they have worked to keep all of the commandments of God, including tithing, they have seen blessings from strictly following the commandments rain upon them. It's shown me how happy Heavenly Father must be for each one of us when we can finally receive His blessings. I know He gives us His commandments because He wants to bless us and have us feel happiness. I know I've felt much happiness, because our recent convert has been receiving such blessings and feels the same thing. I know know that Heavenly Father is the same. He is happy when we are happy. The commandments of God are not meant to be restrictive, but are meant to bring freedom, happiness, and blessings (prosperity)!

Hair......... GONE!

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