Friday, November 25, 2016

Week #19 – Field Week: November 15, 2016 – November 21, 2016

Sister Quan, Durham, and Vranes at the baptism
This week we finally had a baptism! It was awesome to see how one person could change so much in such a short time (2 months)! I was able to see the atonement of Jesus Christ change someone else's life--to heal, and to change their very nature. It was a very awesome, exciting, and humbling experience. Afterwards, our investigator bore hid testimony. He was so humble and had truly changed his life.  He explained his life beforehand, which led to a life of destruction, to his life now, which is full of hope and joy. It made me realize the power of the atonement to change not only my life, but other people's. It also made me realize the importance of what we are doing as missionaries to share the gospel.

Youth Park
As for a miracle this week, while Sister Quan was away, we were very down because of how few potential investigators we had. We were trying to contact, but no one was willing to listen. We tried going to the youth park in the morning while Sister Quan was here and that was very fruitful. It came to Sister Durham's mind to try the park again. When we arrived, so many people were either going too fast or too slow. I was thinking, "No one's going to want to talk to us." So I said a mini prayer to gain confidence to talk to someone. After that prayer, a man came up to us to talk. He said he wasn't going to come but felt the need to, then started talking to us of all people. After that, another lady came up and said the same thing! She became a potential investigator. Afterward, I talked to 3 other people, and each of those people became potential investigators. It was amazing because it showed me that God really does know each of His children and is mindful of them. There are also people that each one of us influences because of who we are. It also amazed me how Heavenly Father heard and answered my prayer. He led those people to find us and talk to us. He showed me that He hears my prayers. He helped me gain confidence to talk to more people.

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