Sunday, November 20, 2016

Week #18 – Field Week: November 8, 2016 – November 14, 2016

This week has been an awesome week! There have been many miracles I have seen this week. Before Sister Quan left to Ipoh for exchanges, she gave us training about inspired questions. It has inspired me more to work on these. While Sister Quan was away, we had a first lesson with a new investigator, and the whole time she was more into her phone than what we had to say. We were constantly saying her name, but it didn't keep her attention for more than three seconds at a time. As we sat in silence for a minute, the inspired question came, and that question changed the whole lesson. She was surprised, then turned her phone off, turned it over, and pushed it away from her. That question was definitely inspired by the Spirit. It increased my faith so much in the power of the Spirit to lead us in lessons. I have been working the rest of the week to listen better to the person and the Spirit, to discern, and to ask those inspired questions in lessons and contacts. 

Another miracle that happened was to finally see some of the influence I have made to contribute to Penang. First, when we asked one of our investigators what their favorite verse was in the Book of Mormon, I realized it was a verse that came to my mind that I shared when they were in a slump. That was cool to see how the Spirit guided me to influence them in that way. The past couple of weeks I've been able to make such connections with some members, that they've been able to not only open up about some of their needs, but I've been able to give silent comfort as they talked and cried it out. It's just been cool for me to see how much of an influence one makes without even realizing it. It's grown my testimony of the Lord knowing what is best for me. I still may not see the good in everything in His plan for others, but I know He sees it. I'm really going to try harder to be the true me in Penang, to reach out and talk to His children, and to influence them in the way the Lord would want me to.

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