Saturday, November 12, 2016

Week #17 - Field Week: November 1, 2016 - November 7, 2016

Pink Dragon Fruit
This week was so busy it went by as a blur. Literally, I can't remember anything! We traveled to the other side of the island to Bayan Lepas, away from the tourist section. The area is beautiful and looks like a jungle. We eat a lot of good fruit here. I've really enjoyed dragon fruit, which comes in pink, white, and black. There is so much variety that I haven't really eaten the same thing twice, unless it was for breakfast. We are currently in the rainy season and it just pours. We've been teaching and serving people along the way as usual. On Sunday, we were able to have one of our investigator's do missionary work with us. As we went about serving the ward members and meeting many others, they were able to understand and experience the work we do on the Sabbath Day. It's on the Sabbath that the Lord asks us to take time out of our week to attend His church, partake of His sacrament, and serve our neighbors who are in need. The members said, that it was the best day they had in a long time. I know that serving others is one of the ways we find happiness and meaning in our lives. Throughout this week, we've been able to show a few others the joys of serving and missionary work. Since we're in a
Bayan Leps, Malaysia
tripanionship, we're able to do splits with members of the same gender who are over 16 years old. We've been able to do this with some awesome members and especially those ward members who would like to serve a mission. It's been exciting to see how happy and excited these members get while serving their neighbors. I know that missionary work is one of the most rewarding things we can do. It takes courage, but I know that the things we say and testify to each other can change a person's life. 

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