Thursday, June 1, 2017

Week #46: Making History (actually my companion is) – May 23, 2017 – May 29, 2017

I got a new companion this week named Sister Evans. She is from Gilbert, Arizona. She has served most of her mission in KL, kicked me out of Penang for one transfer, and has now switched places with my old companion. Need I say more? She's actually really awesome! She's patient, kind, and funny. I remember my mom found her on Facebook from the Singapore Missionary Mom's page, and said to me, you need to be friends with her. Little did I know I would even be companions with her. She's an English speaking sister, but has actually learned a little of every language. She can kick my butt in Malay. She's the first English sister in all of this mission to break the East Malaysia barrier, and to be serving in Kota Kinabalu.

One miracle this week was riding the bus on Sunday. For most of this week, I had lost my voice because of my cold (the first time I have ever lost my voice in my life!) We had appointments set up, and while I was sick and recuperating, we scheduled additional appointments. However, we had to cancel many of the appointments of our Chinese investigators and Chinese less actives we were working with, because my voice did not improve. Sister Evans and I had faith that I would have a voice by Sunday, so we could call these people back and set up another appointment. Well the miracle came and I was able to call them! But none of them picked up their phones... We were a bit bummed, but started on our way to visit a member. As we rode the bus, we found that everyone we talked to could speak English, had run into missionaries before (mostly the senior couple a few years ago), and wanted to learn the gospel. It was an amazing day for us!

On Sunday, in church, we were able to share our testimonies as a Relief Society. One thing that came to mind were pictures of Jesus. When we see pictures of Jesus, He is always looking lovingly, warm, and is inviting. He often has open body language, a hand out, that is beckoning you to come. As I've been sharing The Book of Mormon, I'm learning that IT IS another testament of Jesus Christ. It tells us of Christ's life.  The people are all normal people with their own problems, yet they tell their testimonies/prophecies/experiences of Christ and how they came to know Him. In all of the examples of Christ and how He treats those around Him, He simply invites. He says, "Come". In KK, we've been preparing for a missionary open house. This is for the members to do member missionary work. I have never seen such amazing member missionary work than here in KK! As I've been thinking about missionary work, even as a member, we don't need to be afraid to share. We are not overbearing, nor forcing, we are inviting. We are simply doing as Christ would do. Elder David A. Bednar said, "Don't do missionary work because you are a missionary. Do it because you were baptized." Think today how you can follow Christ's example. Just say, "Come".

Sister Vranes could not upload pictures this week.

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  1. after you left ,sister evans was with sister Shaffer ... now she is with you ... she was amazing ....