Saturday, October 15, 2016

Week #13 - The Sewers: October 4, 2016 - October 10, 2016

Trying on Malaysian elephant pants

This week while biking and trying to get past the cars, I fell off my bike, and my foot slipped into the sewers. It was disgusting. Least to say, my companions sandwich me so I don't die. So that was the fun moment of the week.

This week was awesome, because we were able to watch General Conference! I was able to see quite a few friends I had in the MTC and from high school in the MTC choir singing during conference. That was a lot of fun! There were a lot of members here who came to conference in Penang. I am amazed by the faith of the members here. Most of the people have a hard time getting to church, but they do what they can to attend faithfully each week. In conference, I loved the theme: The Atonement. After conference, we watched a video about missionary work and the atonement. It was so inspiring and beautiful. If you can, look it up. It discussed how missionary work is not an easy task; it is hard. That is because salvation was not easy, and did not come by a cheap price. Yet, the worth of souls was so great to the Savior that he was willing to pay for everyone. How much are we willing to pay to help our fellow brothers and sisters?

After conference, we visited one of our investigator's, A. By the acts and love we've shown her, she's talked about us to her family. They were impressed and her son told her to bring us with her. When we arrived, 14 members of her family were wanting to meet us. They all welcomed us with open arms and warm smiles. It was awesome to see how just showing love to one person impresses upon another so much. What can you do today to show more love?
Penang, West Malaysia

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